10 Best Ways To Remove Blackheads [Recommended By Dermatologists]

Best Ways To Remove Blackheads
In the last decade or so, there has been a massive wave of self-acceptance activism, and loving yourself was a focal point of the previous ten years. YAY for self-love! We are finally truly and fully accepting imperfections. It’s about time if you ask us. However, despite all the love and acceptance, we’re surrounded by, there is always something about our appearance that we want to change. That’s not a bad thing at all. Changing and bettering yourself is one of the greatest forms of self-love, as long as you’re doing it for yourself and not for society. One of the most common insecurities is skin imperfections — pimples, blackheads, uneven skin tone, and discoloration. Acne is no fun. It’s hard to hide, hard to get rid of, and it can significantly lower self-esteem. And the worst part? Blackheads. We can all agree that blackheads are the most difficult to get rid of, and whatever you do, they will come back eventually. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize them and even remove some of them permanently. Even better, I have made a list of the best ways to remove blackheads with great hacks that aere recommended by dermatologists, keep reading!

10 Best Ways To Remove Blackheads

1. Try Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is like the holy grail for skincare. Most acne skin care contains a salicylic acid in low percentage. When trying out new products, seek active ingredients like salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid, as they are ideal for removing blackheads. Salicylic acid breaks down the materials that clog down pores like excess oil and dead skin cells. Cleansers with salicylic acid work great on dry skin, but you should keep in mind that you might be sensitive to it.
When using any new product, test it out for some time before completely switching to it. Skins are different, so wait and see how yours will react to the product.

2. Try Exfoliating With AHAs and BHAs

You may have heard that exfoliation has adverse effects on acne, which is true but only for inflammatory acne, as any skin irritation might cause redness and inflammation. When it comes to acne, regular exfoliation is one of the best things you can do. It removes the excessive layer of dead skin cells that clogs pores, and by doing that, partially eliminates blackheads.
My exfoliation advice is to opt for chemical exfoliants rather than harsh scrubs and, more specifically, AHAs and BHAs.
Glycolic acid is the most common type of AHA, and salicylic acid is a prominent BHA. They both work by peeling off the top layers of the skin, which in theory helps with blackheads and wrinkles, and age spots. It’s a win-win for you!

3. Get a Skin Brush

A skin brush can provide similar exfoliating benefits as AHAs and BHAs by removing excess dead skin cells.
However, while AHAs and BHAs can be used more frequently, dermatologists recommend using a skin brush only occasionally and even skip the brush if you have sensitive skin in general.
Skin Brushes are not suitable for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

4. Topical Retinoids

Retinoids may be beneficial for stubborn cases of acne by helping to unplug pores.
This process can also make other OTC products more effective by making it easier for them to enter the follicle.
However, if you’ve got dry skin, dermatologists recommend avoiding strong exfoliants, like retinoids, altogether. Instead, you can use something that is more gentle on your skin and proven to deliver great results, I’m talking about the XYZ Smart Collagen. I have been using it for the past few weeks and I already noticed an improvement in my skin appearance, click here to see how your skin could look after 12 weeks using.

5. Use a Clay Mask

The #5 on our best ways to remove blackheads list is to use clay masks. Clay masks help to get oils and toxins out of the skin, which helps to unclog pores. They are often considered must-haves for oily skin and fighting blackheads. Some clay masks also contain sulfur, another ingredient that works to break down the dead skin cells that make up blackheads. There are many brands on the market, but no matter which mask you choose, you can use it once a week in addition to your once- or twice-weekly exfoliating treatment.
Try to find a clay mask specifically designed for cleansing and unclogging pores. – Discover the best-selling clay masks on Amazon.

6. Use a Charcoal Mask

Charcoal masks are the latest buzz in the world of beauty. These masks are known for detoxifying your skin and giving it a smoother and brighter appearance. Like clay masks, charcoal masks work deep in the skin to draw out oil and other impurities. Charcoal is thought to take these benefits up another notch.
If you have dry skin, make sure to choose a charcoal mask with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, olive oil, or jojoba oil – Check my favorite here!

7. Consider a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are usually used for anti-aging benefits, such as reducing age spots and fine lines.
The peels often contain AHAs or BHAs, and they work by exfoliating the skin.
This means that smoother, refreshed-looking skin should be revealed after going through the process. Though, they’re not considered a primary treatment for blackheads, chemical peels can remove dead skin cells and shrink enlarged pores. This treatment method may be beneficial if you’re looking for anti-aging benefits too.

8. Use Non-Comedogenic Products

Even if you’re using the right cleanser, mask, and exfoliator, you may not see results if you don’t use non-comedogenic makeup and face products. It’s best to start with a blackhead removal regimen with non-comedogenic products.
Non-comedogenic means that the product in question won’t cause comedones or clogged pores.
Comedogenic products are usually the products you apply, and they stick to your skin and stay on there. They don’t go into the skin and instead stay on top of it. That way, they clog your pores and lead to more blackheads!

9. Take Off Your Makeup

This is one of the most common skincare mistakes among us. Yeah, I understand that when you go home after a wild night at the club, the last thing you want to do is to take off your makeup, haha! You want to go to bed and not think about anything else, right? However, if you do wash off your makeup, your skin will be incredibly grateful.
Sleeping with your makeup on is essentially asking for more blackheads.
If left on overnight, even non-comedogenic makeup can clog your pores. Those with oily skin may want to consider using a foaming cleanser. You can also use makeup removers before washing your face for extra cleansing power.

10. Avoid Pore Strips and Other DIY Extraction Methods.

Needless to say, picking, scratching, and popping any form of acne is considered off-limits. Still, it can be tempting to use some form of extraction to eliminate those annoying blackheads. There’s been an uptick in masks, pore strips, and extraction tools that promise clean pores in recent years. Although pore strips and masks may help remove some dirt from your pores, they can also remove elements that benefit your skin, like natural oils and hair follicles. Removing all of these elements can cause your skin to dry out and become irritated. When irritation occurs, your sebaceous glands may go into survival mode and produce even more oil — resulting in more blackheads. Other extraction methods include professional-grade metal or plastic tools. These purportedly work by removing clogged blackheads without scratching your skin. The keyword here: “Professional”. Dermatologists who have years of training sometimes use these tools. When placed into hands with limited experience, extraction tools can turn into a source for scratches, wounds, and even scars.
The moral of the story – leave extractions to the professionals.

In the End – Do Not Stress About it!

After all, everyone has blackheads. They are natural, and even though they are annoying, they do not harm your health. So, don’t stress over them and learn to embrace that even your worst imperfections have a dose of beauty in them. Blackheads or not, you are beautiful 🙂