10 Proven Tips To Grow Curls Faster

I love my curly hair… now that is it.

Though I hate to admit it, there was certainly a time when I really hated my curls.

I mean, they didn’t make it very difficult. My curls were always frizzy, prone to breakage, and, frankly, undefined.

I was truly astonished to learn later on that it wasn’t my curls that were the culprit; it was ME!

We have a lot more control over our hair texture than we think.

Though wavier hair is more prone to damage and tangling, it doesn’t make it unbeatable.

Interested in learning how to armor up?

Keep reading to find 10 easy and quick tips to grow curls faster.

10 Tips To Grow Curls Faster!

Proven Tips To Grow Curls Faster

Detangle With a Brush


If your hair has even the slightest bit of texture to it I’m sure you’ve felt the pain and agony of forcing a comb through the kinks and hair knots of your “not-so-luscious locks”.

While detangling with a comb sounds functional, it’s a sure way to cause breakage and, ironically, even more knotting!

Comb From the Bottom


As you may have heard before, it’s all about starting from the bottom and working your way up; hair is no different in this philosophy.

Curly hair in particular is more prone to tangling and breakage.

Starting at your ends and working your way up offers easier detangling due to less surface area, and allows for curlier, more defined patterns.

Use Wide Tooth Combs


Unlike fine-tooth combs that weaken your curl pattern, wide-tooth combs offer larger spacing between teeth and mimic a finger-combing effect.

Choosing combs with larger spacing between teeth – like this one here – will allow you to have a more gentle approach to hair and help prevent unnecessary damage.

Stay Away From the Flat Iron!


Flat ironing your hair is always a great way to switch up your hair game, however, this shouldn’t be your daily routine.

Excessive heat use can easily lead to weak, limp curl patterns and frail, dry hair.

Besides, one of the best parts of having curls is allowing them to shine as they naturally are!

Find a Conditioning Treatment


Curly hair is most notable for its volume, and one way to easily maintain this is by finding a trustworthy conditioning treatment.

Deep conditioning is vital for any curly girl, as the more nourished your curls look, the more prominent they will be.

It is essential to strong and hydrated cuticles.

When the cuticles are in good condition, it’s much easier to achieve the appearance of shinier and evener hair.

Apply Styling Products ASAP


Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Your curls are time-sensitive!

The seemingly small difference between applying product to your dry or wet hair is tremendous.

When it comes to coarse hair, the sooner you nourish your curls the better!

Waiting too long before applying styling products can easily result in rough cuticles.

Use The “Pineapple” Technique

Use The “Pineapple” Technique To Grow Curls

Frizz and humidity are criminals when it comes to the cause of your tangles and messy hair.

However, friction cannot be easily let off the hook!

When we lay our heads down to rest, we don’t often think about the friction and damage caused by simply the act of tossing and turning.

While a satin pillowcase is sure to be a great weapon against this, nothing quite compares to “The Pineapple Method”, a personal favorite of mine.

This method is both quick and foolproof.

Tie your hair loosely at the top of your head. If it is long enough, the end should face forward.

A high, loose pony can easily prevent frizz, knots, and even flattened curls.

Get Regular Trims


Nourished curly hair may appear bulletproof, but it’s especially prone to breakage and split ends.

Having a scheduled hair trim every 6 to 8 weeks (every four months at minimum) is an easy way to avoid unnecessary hair loss.

While trimming your hair may seem like a pest, it is an essential part of growing healthy, beautiful hair.

Detangle After Your Shower


Hair is already weak while wet, and this paired with the natural tangling of curls leads to a lot more breakage than you’d probably think.

I’m sure you can only imagine the damage that occurs when detangling is added on top of this as well.

While detangling is best done on damp hair, doing so in the shower should always be a last resort.

Section Your Hair


The worst part of maneuvering through thick hair is the repetitiveness of it all.

Between kinks, curls, and debris it’s very common to have a difficult time detangling your curly mane.

While it may sound like a tedious addition to your hair routine, working with your hair in sections is surprisingly more time efficient.

This is a great way to avoid excessive stress on your hair.

Growing Curls Fast – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have difficulty growing your curls? Are you looking for tips to help you grow your curly hair faster?

Check out these frequently asked questions about how to grow your curly hair faster!

Can I Use Products to Make My Curly Hair Grow Faster?

While there are several products on the market that claim to promote curly hair growth, there is no scientific evidence that they are effective.

The best way to encourage hair growth is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive styling or coloring.

How Long Do Curls Take to Grow?

Curls are a timeless hairstyle that can be achieved by people of all hair types.

While some people are born with naturally curly hair, others may have to put in a little bit more effort to achieve the look.

So how long does it take to grow your curls?

It typically takes about 2 months for your hair to grow 1 inch.

Meaning, it can take anywhere from three to six months to see a noticeable difference in the length of your curls.

This is because curly hair tends to grow slower than straight hair.

In addition, damaged or unhealthy hair will also take longer to grow.

But don’t get discouraged! The journey is just as fun as the destination.

What Foods Help Curly Hair Grow?

One of the best tips to grow curls faster is to maintain a healthy diet.

There are a few key foods that can help curly hair grow. One is salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

This type of fat is essential for healthy hair growth. Salmon also contains protein, which is necessary for building the strands of hair.

Another food that can help curly hair grow is spinach.

This leafy green is packed with nutrients like iron and folate, which are essential for healthy hair growth.

If you want to help your curly hair grow, make sure to include these foods in your diet for healthy hair!

Grow a Healthy Curly Hair Fast!

Kinky, curly hair can easily feel like a death wish without knowing how to properly take care of it.

The truth is that it’s hard to enjoy your volume curls when they’re not getting the attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to hear a story about happy, moisturized curls and coils appearing out of thin air.

It takes time, effort, and a lot more care than you probably imagine. Also, using quality products will do wonders for your curls.

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