10 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid! [#5 is Unexpected]

Skincare Mistakes

When taking care of your skin there are a few things that you should always avoid when you can.

These habits or behaviors can cause damage to your skin that is as small as a blemish or some acne or it could lead to more serious concerns over time.

This includes early aging and even increase your risk of skin cancer.

That being said, here the 10 things you should avoid for a healthy skin.

10 Most Common Skincare Mistakes

1. Using Strong Products

When choosing a product to create your ideal skincare routine, especially for oily skin, there may be a temptation to use the strongest products, or at minimum a strong product.

However, using a stronger product can be damaging to dry skin or sensitive skin, and may cause redness and irritation and in some cases, skin can feel almost burnt.

A gentle cleanser and moisturizer like the XYZ Smart Collagen are the best choice for most skin care needs and can bring balance and a healthy appearance to the skin.

Even acne can be deterred through the use of gentle products!

2. Failing to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the best line of defense against many types of damage to the skin.

As such it should be a regular part of the skincare routine that is practiced every day.

Often the exposure to the rays of the sun is slowly accumulated throughout the day, so even when you are not outside all day and do not plan to be, there is exposure when running small errands such as getting the mail or going on a morning run.

Sunscreen protects against sunburn, skin cancer, and even speeds the signs of aging on the skin. Here is what I’m currently using – it’s available on Amazon.

3. Leave Makeup On Overnight

Makeup can stop the skin from having easy and constant access to fresh air and can build up on the skin.

This will cause clogged pores and allow makeup to get into the pores, cause irritation and swelling, and even keep bacteria against the skin overnight.

Blemishes are caused by these bacteria and the clogged pores, so it is important to remove makeup each night before bed with a light makeup remover – like this on here – or a makeup remover cloth.

This allows the skin to breathe overnight and keeps the skin free of build-up.

4. Delay Creating a Skin Care Routine

While many feel that there is no need for skincare until they reach their thirties or even forties, but this is often too late to provide the best results.

Starting a skincare routine at an early age, even in junior high or high school, allows the skin to have its best chance of defeating the damages of the sun and slow the signs of aging.

It is easier to avoid damages than it is to repair them, and it can be as simple as a cleanser every day.

This also builds in the habit of washing the face once or twice each day, and that habit will be well appreciated in later years.

5. Washing Skin Too Frequently

On hot days or when skin is oily, it can be tempting to wash the skin multiple times each day.

This can cause the skin to become dry and sensitive and can increase the oil production of the skin as it attempts to replace what has been removed.

Washing the skin once or twice daily is ideal in skincare options.

6. Allowing Slight Ongoing Dehydration

Several people go through each day with less hydration than their body requires, and the body will first pull moisture from the skin to make up for any deficits to the organs.

To maintain a healthy body and healthy skin it is important to drink the needed water each day to allow the skin to hold the moisture present.

This hydration helps to flush toxins from the skin and move the nutrients throughout the body to where they are most needed, even the skin.

7. Skip Your Vitamins

Skin remains healthy by having the needed nutrients and vitamins, and as they are often the same requirements as the rest of the body.

The skin is often short of these nutrients…

As they are used throughout the body the leftovers that the rest of the organs have not absorbed are allocated to the skin as a whole.

So, adding a daily vitamin to your diet can help to provide the skin with all the nutrients that it needs to repair itself when damaged and to form new cells to replace dead skin cells.

8. Over Exfoliation

Exfoliating too often can cause the skin to become sensitive, red, and feel uncomfortable.

This is because once the dead skin cells have been removed only the healthy cells remain.

If the outer layer of healthy cells is also exfoliated the skin is left uncomfortable and it can damage the underlying layers of skin cells.

9. Ignoring Exfoliation

The skin does require some exfoliation to remove the buildup of dead skin cells, oil, make-up, and to keep the pores clear of bacteria and dirt build-up.

Gentle exfoliation prevents acne, reduces blemishes, lowers the shine on the skin, and keeps skin healthy and clear.

10. Using Expired Products

Last but not least on our skincare mistakes to avoid list is using expired products.

This seems like a no-brainer, right?

But, while all skincare products come stamped with the number of months that they are good after opening, or with expiry dates on them, many people use them no matter how old they are.

This can be a mistake as the protective benefits will be falling apart and be less effective or not effective at all, while the beneficial ingredients will lose effectiveness.

Though it may not damage skin directly it can certainly leave the skin more susceptible to damages from the environment around them and at risk for early aging, sun damage, and loss of hydration.

To keep skin healthy it is important to use gentle products once or twice a day, keep the skin clear of build-up and products for part of each day.

I’m personally using this collagen cream, and I already notcied a huge different in my skin firmness and texture – with just over 3 weeks from using it -.

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skincare so don’t overlook it and if you can, invest in quality products such as the XYZ Smart Collagen.