7 Simple Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Face [Natural DIY Recipes]

Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Face

Exfoliation should be part of every woman’s beauty arsenal, thanks to the myriad of benefits it carries.

By regularly exfoliating your skin, you help it shed the dead, dull cells and allow new, healthy ones to shine through. 

In time, exfoliation can give you a better, smoother complexion, and boost your self-confidence.

So in this article, we’ll be talking about the best homemade, sugar-based scrubs for a glowing face.

Why homemade?

First of all, sugar is a great, natural exfoliator that is inexpensive and readily available right inside your pantry.

Second, sugar scrubs are quick and easy to make and generally healthier than store-bought scrubs.

Too often, these contain parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and other irritating chemicals, which may prove harmful to the skin.

Particularly if you have a sensitive or oily skin type, it’s recommended that you stay away from store-bought exfoliators, and opt for a natural, homemade one, instead.

So let’s check those out!

7 Simple Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Face

1. Sugar & Honey Scrub

This sugar and honey scrub is super-easy to make, since you probably have these two things in your pantry, already.

It’s safe for all skin types and particularly useful for those of you with oily, acne-prone skin heavy on the blackheads. 

How does it work?

The sugar exfoliates the dead skin cells, while the honey balances it out with a heavy dose of moisture.

What’s more, exfoliation can be an intense, irritating process, which is why honey (a well-known natural anti-inflammatory agent) is the ideal partner for sugar.

This goes for all the sugar scrubs in this article – since sugar is quite harsh and grainy, you’ll want to use gentle strokes. Also, dilute it heavily with moisturizing ingredients (in this case, honey) to avoid irritation.

 2. Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub

Another big favorite is this sugar and olive oil combo.

Wondering why?

Like honey, olive oil is an intense moisturizer sitting in your kitchen.

What’s particularly nice about olive oil is that it’s long-lasting, meaning your skin will feel nurtured and moisturized for a long time after use. 

This olive oil and sugar scrub are particularly useful for those with acne-prone skin.

Aside from being a great moisturizer, olive oil also happens to be a potent antibacterial agent.

This means the olive oil in the scrub will, in time, kill off the bacteria causing your acne, leading to fewer breakouts. 

You can substitute the olive oil with almond oil, and reap much the same benefits!

 3. Sugar & Lemon Scrub

Lemon juice is well-known for its potent lightening effect (due to the high vitamin C content).

This makes it a big favorite of natural skincare when you want to “fix” spots, dark circles, and other colorful patches on your skin.

It’s also an astringent and natural exfoliant, thanks to the citric acid within, and is sometimes recommended for acne-prone skin.

However, this scrub isn’t for everyone.

It’s possible to have allergic reactions or irritations because of the scrub, so massage gently, and use with caution.

4. Sugar & Beetroot Scrub

Similar to lemon juice, beetroot is also supposed to be a great natural skincare ingredient.


Because like lemon, beetroot is also a vitamin C powerhouse, and thus capable of wonders for your skin.

Vitamin C can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory and may help calm down acne breakouts if used regularly.

As a bonus, some people say that the intense red color of beetroot might make your lips appear rosier!

Because YES, your lips need exfoliation, too!

 5. Sugar & Green Tea Scrub

Honestly, is there anything that green tea can’t do?

It’s great for your internal health when you drink it, it’s great at fortifying your hair when applied to your follicles. It’s even great at helping your skin look radiant!

So, how does this particular scrub help the skin?

Studies suggest that when applied to the skin, green tea reduces the secretion of sebum.

When your skin produces excess sebum, it gets stuck in the pores and leads to acne.

Thus, less sebum means less acne. Neat, huh? 

Green tea is also a powerful soother, and can even out the skin’s complexion when used regularly.

Even better, it helps moisturize the skin from the inside out, by boosting your body’s natural moisture retention. 

6. Sugar & Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal is yet another excellent ingredient to combine your sugary goodness with.

The way oatmeal works on your skin are it calms down redness, making it ideal if your skin is sensitive or acne-prone.

It also works to soothe inflammation, discreetly fighting zits and other imperfections.

Really, the only downside with this scrub is that it doesn’t work in just two ingredients, since neither oatmeal nor sugar can make a paste.

So you’ll need to combine this with olive oil, or honey, ideally, to make it easy to spread and also make sure it sticks to the skin.

So think of oatmeal as an addition to the above masks!

7. Yogurt & Sugar Scrub

Last but certainly not least on our scrub list, we’ve got yogurt.

Given the popularity of yogurt in most households, it’s incredible that not more people are using this.

Maybe because we don’t know about it. Or maybe because we think – how can something so cheap and so obvious be so good for the skin?

Well, it can. One of the main benefits of yogurt is that it’s a potent natural moisturizer.

Regular yogurt face masks can boost your skin’s elasticity, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and making your skin more firm and bouncy.

And that’s not the only thing yogurt can do for you.

Yogurt is known as a great natural source of probiotics, which is why we eat it when we’re taking antibiotics.

Anyway, probiotics are used to reduce bacteria both inside the body and outside.

By applying probiotics to the skin, you’re killing off the acne-causing bacteria on your face.

In The End..

So there you have it – seven easy sugar scrubs that will give you radiant, clear skin in a matter of weeks!

Sure, it may take some trial and error before you find the ideal scrub for you, but trust me, it’ll be well worth it in the end!

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