causes of oily skin

The oily skin comes from genetic issues. If anyone of near blood ship has oily skin, you can get it by birth. You can get the oily skin from your father, mother, grandfather and mother. Besides genetic reason, you can gain oily skin for various reasons.

Oily skin comes from an oily or sweaty layer on your skin. It causes for the over productivity of sebum and comes from the activity of the sebaceous cell, a kind of skin lubricants.

In texture, this lubricant comes out with heavy and thick policy. There are so many reasons to get oily skin.

Common Causes of Oily Skin

  1. An adjustment in the hormones triggers the skin to end up oilier in the Menstrual period. So most of the female skins become oily during the time.
  2. Teenage stage of life is one of the most oil producing times. In this stage, the producing hormones trigger the skins to end up oilier.
  3. Deep stress, at the stage of pregnancy and during the taking of birth control pills, you can get oily skin
  4. Less drinking water is another cause of getting oily skin

Bad effects of oily skin

With the effects of oiliness, your skin is always being watered or oily in visible. These oily lubricants spoiled your makeup that you wear for a time being. But the spoiled makeup makes your face more unpleasant to look.

Oily skin and its bad effects on the face are seemed to be a curse for us. Oily skin comes out from the sweat of our skin layer which is so much disgusting. It seems the skin more shininess.

It is habituated with pimples and dust, with black pores, heads of white and black acne, buildup dead cells and visible pores everywhere in the face exclude eye sides and neck.

How to reduce oiling on skin

You might have a lot of artificial treatment and creams in local markets to escape from oily skin like as a lot of skin drying creams and lotions and have some pills.

Mostly used vitamin B2, vitamin C and various types of treatments and kits are available. You should use theme according to the advice of skin specialists.

Without artificial treatment, there’s have a lot of great home remedies for the oily skin problem like as

  • Eggs white portion
  • Lemon juice
  • Yoghurt
  • Apple scrub
  • Milk
  • Cucumber
  • Aloe Vera

And there are much more home remedies for oily skin treatment.

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