Can You Straighten Dyed Hair? (5 Tips To Avoid Damage It!)

If you love to constantly change your look, you probably change your hair color very often.

Now that you finally have the color you have wanted for so long, you already want to iron and straighten your hair!

Not even a day has passed, yet you want to show off your new color with the best hairstyle, but you have doubts. Can you straighten dyed hair? Will it be counterproductive?

I got you covered! If you have just dyed your hair and want to iron it but have doubts about it, you have come to the right place!

Here I will give you all the tips so that you can show off your dyed hair with the best straightening style without damaging it.

I will also talk about the myths and truths about straightening your hair after dyeing.

That being said, let’s get started!

Can You Straighten Dyed Hair?

Can You Straighten Dyed Hair

We have all heard, either from stylists or the people we know, that dyed hair becomes quite sensitive and fragile after coloring it.

It is also common to hear that dyeing the hair weakens its structure.

But, how much truth is in this saying? Does it happen in both normal hair and the one that has been dyed multiple times?

The structure of the hair, even when it is healthy, changes dramatically after any procedure we do.

It does not matter if it is to straighten the hair or dye it. Any alteration makes it fragile or at least more sensitive to suffer damage.

That said, it is only reasonable that hair experts advise people to wait a prudent amount of time before making another change to it.

So, it is advisable to wait until the hair recovers from any procedure before making another one.

But wait, don’t lose your enthusiasm!

Although many people say that you can not iron your hair right after dyeing it, this is a myth.

Yes, it is true that after dyeing it, the hair is more fragile and susceptible to damage when exposed to heat.

But by applying the right products and protecting your hair, you can straighten it without aggravating the condition of your hair. Even if you just have dyed it!

The secret is to take care of your hair before, after, and while coloring it. Then you have to protect your hair adequately.

Before, after, and while straightening it.

You can follow the following recommendations that I listed below so you can straighten your dyed hair without having unwanted results.

5 Tips To Straighten Your Hair After Dyeing It

The following are some of the recommendations you need to follow to straighten your hair after dyeing it without worrying about hair damage.

1. Before Coloring Your Hair, Use a Hydrating Mask

It is best to use it the day before dyeing your hair.

You can use a homemade hydrating mask with natural ingredients or products specially designed for hair, like this one here.

Make sure you know your hair type before selecting the product. This will help to make the properties of the mask work more efficiently on your hair.

2. Do Not Wash Your Hair The Day You Are Going To Dye It

You have probably already heard this from your stylist, or you knew it before.

But, it is important to remember it. This will also help the color to set better. You can even apply a hydrating product before dyeing the hair.

3. After Bleaching Your Hair, Use A Conditioner

Again, you can use a homemade mask or a product designed for this.

Now your hair is protected! It’s time to talk about what to do after, so you don’t mess up your hair when straightening it.

4. Let Your Dyed Hair Recover

To straighten your hair after coloring it, you can use a hairdryer or an iron.

However, if your hair is excessively damaged, I suggest waiting several weeks before straightening it.

You can identify if your hair is severely damaged.

It will be difficult to comb and would break. Also, when gently stretching it with your fingers, it may break.

Severely damaged hair looks very dry, and it feels rough to the touch.

5. Straighten Your Dyed Hair The Right Way

After analyzing if your hair is weakened to the extreme, use a dermal protector before ironing your hair.

To start using the iron, set the lowest temperature level in its configuration.

If your iron doesn’t have a temperature regulator, I recommend the HSI Professional Glider.

It has the option to adjust temperatures, and it helped me get salon-quality flat iron hair at home!

This iron is significantly popular in the best hair salons and used by professional stylists of celebrities.

By using this straightener iron, your hair will have a professional finish. It heats up in 30 seconds saving time to be ready on time!

Keep in mind that if you dyed your hair with a fantasy color, using a high temperature will make the color vanish faster and will not shine. It just will not look healthy.

What To Do After Straightening Your Dyed Hair?

What To Do After Straightening Your Dyed Hair

After straightening your dyed hair, you still have to protect it to prevent damage. What you should do is constantly hydrate it.

You can use the product Olaplex 3 Repairing Treatment. Surely you have already heard about this product.

It has been used by several professional experts around the whole world. They recommend it to all hair fashion lovers, especially in the last few years.

The Olaplex 3 Repairing Treatment has gained great fame and recognition for its outstanding results.

When it comes to dyed hair, professionals have proved and recommended its profound benefits.

Especially when using it right after coloring, proving to be a practically miraculous product.

Use it on your damaged hair to repair it and recover it completely.

Straightening Dyed Hair – Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve explored the question of whether it’s safe to straighten dyed hair and provided tips for minimizing the risk of damage while achieving your desired hairstyle.

To recap, dyed hair is more susceptible to damage than natural hair because the dye can weaken the hair’s structure, making it more vulnerable to heat damage.

However, with the right approach, you can safely straighten your dyed hair.

To straighten your hair safely, you should follow a pre-straightening hair care routine to nourish and prepare your hair for the heat styling process.

You should also use the right hair products, such as heat protectants, to protect your hair from the heat.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you adjust the heat setting on your straightening tool and protect your hair with a heat-resistant cap or cloth while straightening.

If you’re looking to avoid heat styling altogether, there are several non-heat styling alternatives for straightening your hair, such as wrapping, banding, or braiding your hair before bed.

In conclusion, it’s possible to safely straighten your dyed hair as long as you take proper precautions and care for your hair before and after heat styling.

By following these tips, you can maintain healthy, lustrous, and straightened dyed hair without compromising its health and strength.

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