5 Best Products For 2B Hair (Unlock Your Best Curls!)

If you have 2B hair, you know that finding the right products can be a challenge. You want something that will hydrate your curls without weighing them down.

I’ve rounded up the best products for 2B hair, from shampoos and conditioners to styling products and tools. Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut!

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In a hurry? Here are the top 5 products for 2B hair:

Product Name
Product Type
Product Price
Wet Brush DetanglerBrush
Best Overall Wavy Hair Conditioner
SheaMoisture ShampooShampoo
Best Overall Wavy Hair Conditioner
Olaplex Hair PerfectorDeep conditioner
Best Overall Wavy Hair Conditioner
Design Essentials EnhancingMousse
Best Overall Wavy Hair Conditioner
Mielle OilOil
Best Overall Wavy Hair Conditioner

What is 2B Hair Type?

2B Hair is a type of hair that is somewhere between wavy and curly. It is not as curly as 3B hair, but it is not as straight as 2A hair.

The best way to describe 2B hair is that it is “beach waves.” This type of hair can be either fine or coarse, and it is usually frizzy. 

If you have 2B hair, you might find that your hair does not respond well to products that are designed for straight or curly hair. This is because your hair falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

This hair type is known for being prone to frizz, tangles, and dryness. Here are some of the struggles you may be familiar with:

2B Hair Is Notoriously Frizzy

The slightest bit of humidity can cause your hair to puff up and become unmanageable. Styling products can help tame the frizz, but they can also weigh your hair down.

2B Hair Is Also Prone to Tangles

The best way to avoid them is to use a wide-toothed comb and take your time detangling your hair when it’s wet. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your hair.

How Do I Know If My Hair is 2B?

There are a few things you can look for to help you determine if your hair falls within the 2b hair type

First, take a look at the overall shape of your hair. 2B hair is typically fuller in the middle and thinner at the ends. It also has natural waves or curls to it. 

Next, feel your hair to see if it’s coarse or fine. 2B hair is usually somewhere in between the two. It’s not as coarse as 2A hair, but it’s not as fine as 2C hair. 

Finally, pay attention to how your hair behaves when it’s wet. 2B hair will usually have defined waves or curls when it’s wet, but they may fall flat once your hair dries.

5 Best Products For 2B Hair Type

Best Products For 2B Hair

2B hair type is wavy and can be prone to frizz.

The best products for 2B hair type are ones that will help to tame the frizz and give definition to the waves. Styling creams and serums are a great option for this hair type.

When choosing a product, look for one that is lightweight and non-greasy. That being said, here are the 5 best products for 2B hair type.

Best Shampoo For 2B Hair - SheaMoisture Curl and Shine

As someone with 2B hair, you know that finding the right shampoo is a delicate balance.

You need something that will hydrate your hair without weighing it down, and that can be a tough combination to find. But never fear! I did the work for you and found the best shampoo for 2B hair types.

I love SheaMoisture Curl and Shine. This lightweight product not only hydrates your hair but also helps to loosen and detangle curls.

It’s perfect for 2B hair types who are looking for a little extra hydration without sacrificing curl definition.

Best Hair Oil For 2B Hair - Morrocanoil Treatement

2B hair is a type of hair that is characterized by its wavy, voluminous, and easily frizzy texture.

Because of this, finding the right hair oil is essential to keeping your strands healthy and manageable.

When it comes to the best hair oils for 2B hair, Moroccanoil Treatment is your best bet.

This hair oil is specifically designed for wavy hair, and it can help to add moisture and shine to your hair.

It also helps to protect your hair from damage, and it can even help to prevent split ends.

If you use this hair oil regularly, you will notice a significant difference in the health and appearance of your hair.

Best Styling Cream For 2B Hair - Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Creme

The Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Creme is a game-changer for 2B hair types.

This creme provides hydration and definition without weighing down your curls. It’s the perfect product to help you achieve your desired look.

It also comes with UV inhibitors that help create curls with sleek definition and movement, while protecting against the drying effects of the sun.

Best Detangling Brush For 2B Hair - Denman Hair Brush

If you have 2B hair, you know that it can be a challenge to find a detangling brush that works for your hair type. You want something that will be gentle on your hair and won’t cause any damage.

Luckily, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. The best detangling brush for 2B hair is Denman Hair Brush.

This brush is specifically designed to work with all types of hair, including 2B.

It’s made with soft, flexible bristles that are gentle on your scalp and won’t pull or break your hair. Denman Hair Brush is also super easy to use and will make detangling your hair a breeze.

So if you’re looking for the best detangling brush for 2B hair, look no further than the Tangle Teezer.

Best Protective Accessory For 2B Hair - Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

If you have 2B hair, you know that it can be difficult to find the right hair towel wrap. There are so many different types of hair towels on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is right for your hair type.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

This microfiber hair towel wrap is specifically designed for 2B hair types. It’s made with super soft microfiber material that won’t damage your hair or cause any breakage.

The wrap is also adjustable, so you can make it as tight or loose as you need.

2B Hair Type Frequently Asked Questions

This type of hair has a natural wave to it and is usually fine and thin. The most common questions about 2B hair type are answered below.

  • Is 2B Hair Wavy or Curly?

2B hair is classified as having a noticeable wave pattern, but it’s not as defined as Type 3 curly hair. It usually has a slight “S” shape and can have some frizz. 2B hair typically has a texture that is thicker than straight hair and is more resistant to holding curls.

So, 2B hair is wavy hair, not curly hair. However, it’s important to note that hair type classification is not an exact science and can vary from person to person.

Is My Hair 2B or 2C?

If you’re not sure whether your hair is 2B or 2C, don’t worry — you’re not alone.

Many people with wavy hair find it hard to determine their hair type. But knowing your hair type is important because it can help you choose the right products and styling methods.

So how can you tell if your hair is 2B or 2C?

To start, take a look at the shape of your hair. If your strands are mostly straight with a few slight waves, you likely have 2B hair.

If your hair is predominantly wavy with some curls mixed in, you probably have 2C hair. Another way to tell the difference is by texture. 2B hair is usually thinner and softer than 2C hair, which tends to be thicker and coarser.

  • How Often Should You Wash 2B Hair?

2B Hair is a type of hair that is classified as wavy. The 2B designation is simply a way to help people understand their hair type and what will work best for it.

Many people with this hair type find that washing it every two to three days works well.

This allows the natural oils produced by the scalp to nourish the hair, without weighing it down. Of course, everyone’s hair is different, so it’s important to experiment to find what works best for you.

But if you’re looking for a starting point, washing your 2B hair every two to three days is a good bet.

  • How Do You Wash 2B Hair?

2B hair is a type of hair that is generally classified as wavy.

This type of hair can be difficult to manage and style, but there are some tips and tricks that can help. When it comes to washing 2B hair, it is important to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

You may also want to consider using a deep conditioner or mask once a week.

In terms of styling, avoid products that contain alcohol as they will only dry out your hair. Instead, opt for leave-in conditioners and serums that will help control frizz and add shine.

  • How Do You Keep 2B Curls Overnight?

If you have 2B hair, you know that keeping your curls overnight can be a challenge. But with the right products and techniques, you can wake up to beautiful, bouncy curls every morning.

Here are my top tips for keeping your 2B curls overnight:

1. Use a generous amount of leave-in conditioner before bed. This will help to keep your hair hydrated and prevent it from frizzing overnight.

2. Make sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. This will help to protect your hair from breakage and keep it looking smooth and shiny.

3. Use oil or serum on your ends before bedtime. This will help to keep them from getting too dry or brittle overnight.

What is The Best Product For 2B Hair Type?

The best product for 2B hair type is the one that suits your individual needs.

There is no single “best” product for all 2B hair types, as each person’s hair is unique.

However, some general guidelines for choosing a product for 2B hair include avoiding products with harsh chemicals, opting for lighter-weight products, and picking products that provide moisture.

The above list of 5 best products for 2B hair should make a great starter for anyone looking to take their 2B hair waves to the next level.