What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight and What Not

Best Breakfast for Weight Loss - What to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight

Do you know that the breakfast of your day can play the most important role in your weight loss goal? Eating healthy breakfast is a good sign of better health. For the best result of your weight loss challenge, you can follow the ideas of best breakfast for weight loss which has been given below.

How Many Calories Should You Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight

If you are really planning to lose your weight then, you need to be aware of the amount of the calories that you are taking in your everyday breakfast. Because the calorie level plays the most important and effective role in your weight loss goal.

You should be aimed to manage the calories between 300 to 400 calories. It’s the ideal range for keeping the body fit and manageable. If you are going to follow a strict diet like for losing a quality range of weight, then make sure to have 300 to 350 calories during breakfast but, not more than that.

But if you are not just dieting also working out then, you can take maximum 400 calories.

Best Breakfast for Weight Loss - What to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight

Best Breakfast for Weight Loss – What to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight

You can find hundreds of food ideas from the internet or by other sources which can help you about losing weight. Here in this content, we are presenting you some of the healthy food ideas which are very much useful and accessible as Best Breakfast for Weight Lose.

Steel Cut Oats with Cube Nuts and Seasonal Fruits:

You can find more fiber on the steel cut oats than the rolled oats in an equal amount. This steel oat also contains more protein than the rolled one because by eating this you approximately able to eat more original grain than any others. Take a half cup oats the steel one then cook it with the mixture of one-half cup soya milk which must have to be the unsweetened and one-half cup of water.

You can add one tablespoon chopped walnuts into the mixture and also take one-half cup blueberries and drizzle of maple syrup of one teaspoon. It will be a delicious food for your first meal.

Mexi-Egg Wrap:

Food ideas of adding egg always provide you a considerable amount of proteins. Take one egg white and scramble it with two tablespoons of black beans, two tablespoon onion, one-quarter cup chopped tomato till the egg set.

Then Stir it with one cut spinach. Take a whole wheat tortilla of nine inches and fill it with the egg mixture and fill the top with the one-quarter cup of cubed, avocado and a whole tablespoon of salsa.

Must add salt and paper, you can also add chili powder and cumin as to taste. It will be a healthy breakfast with full of protein.

Hard-Boiled Egg with Smoothie:

Take two medium size carrot, two cups spinach, half a frozen banana and one cup soy milk, you can also use almond milk but, if you are taking soy milk then, make sure that it needs to be unsweetened.

Use plant-based protein powder for half a scoop, cinnamon, golden raisins of the one-eight cup and some cloves. This smoothie is very easy to split and also tasty to absorb.

If you are doing both working out and dieting, then take half of the smoothie before the workout and take the rest smoothie and the egg dish when you finish your workout.

This smoothie will likely refresh your body and also your mind and help you to follow your weight loss plan smoothly and in an efficient way.


Raspberries are a quality resource of fiber. Like one cup of raspberries can provide you 8 grams of fiber. The amount of fiber is approximately more than double from a cop of any type of beans and about the same amount of one cup of strawberries.

Now you guys can ask that what is the benefit of eating this quality amount of fiber?Best Breakfast for weight loss - beautyslogan

Research says that if you absorb or eat a quality amount of fiber that will help you by preventing your weight gain. And another research in the Journal of Nutrition says that eating more fibers can help you to lose weight fast.

After two years of extended study and study the researchers come to the result that, if anyone can absorb 8 grams of fiber for every 1000 of calories then, it is proved to lose 4.5 pounds of weight quickly by it. It’s the easiest way to lose weight by keeping a quality and healthy meal in your everyday diet plan.

It’s the cause that why we have suggested Raspberries in your meal plan. It can give you a quality range of fiber, and it is also a tasty food which can refresh your mind too. So try to keep at least one cup of raspberries in your daily plan.


Oatmeal is the excellent source to lose weight. It can help you in two ways like oatmeal contains a considerable range of fiber which can easily feel you fuller all day long.

It can easily control your hunger for a quality time. Another good thing about having oatmeal that is if you are doing the workout at the same time of dieting then it should be beneficial to have it.

Recent research reported that eating bran cereal or oatmeal which are known as “slow-release” carbohydrates before 2 to 3 hours of your workout could easily help you in losing weight more effectively.

Because these ‘Slow-release” carbohydrates are light to absorb. The refined carbohydrates spike the sugar level of our blood as high as eating, but these “slow-release” carbohydrates are not like that. These carbohydrates absorb the sugar level lightly.

By this meal, your insulin level will not spike as high. Insulin is which plays the useful role to store fat signaling your body. People who carry lower blood sugar level can effectively lose fat, and they are fitter than others.

So having oatmeal in your breakfast will be the smartest option to lose weight fast.


Yogurt is too much beneficial for your weight loss challenge. Like a recent research of New England Journal of Medicine reported top 5 foods which are most helpful for your weight loss and yogurt is one of them.

If you are looking to get leaner then, the protein of yogurt will give you an extra edge.

Peanut Butter:

Best Breakfast for weight loss what to eat for breakfastSome research’s also said that nuts are indeed an excellent source to lose weight smartly. Among them, Peanut butter is the great source to burn the fat and give you extra protein.

Having peanut butter on a whole-wheat toast can be a fantastic way to burn fat and being fit.

What Not To Eat for Breakfast

If you are planning to lose weight fast, then you don’t just need to have perfect foods. Also, you have to make sure about avoiding those foods which can be harmful to your weight loss goal.

Here, we are presenting some of the food items which you need to avoid during your weight loss journey. That these foods can give major effects.

Potato Chips and French Fries:

Whole boiled potatoes are good for health, and also they are filling. But if you are going to have potato chips and French fries, it will be harmful not just to your weight loss but also for your regular health. These foods contain very high calories. They are very much valid for weight gain.

Sugary Drinks:

Cold drinks, Soda or the Sugar-sweetened beverages are the top unhealthiest foods on the planet. They can have disastrous health effects and actively causes weight gain when consuming in excess. These sugary supplements contain too many calories, and your health can’t absorb them like solid foods.

If you are taking too much liquid sugar, it will produce fats in your body, and they won’t make you full ever. You will need to absorb too many foods for feeling full. If you are pretty much sure about your weight loss plan then strictly avoid those sugary drinks.

White Bread:

White bread contains lots of sugar often and most highly refined. It can spike the sugar level in your blood and high on the glycemic.

One study shows that people who eat two slices of white bread every day are linked to the weight gain with 40% greater risk and also obesity.

There are many off healthy alternatives to white bread, fortunately. You can easily have the healthiest one. White bread contains gluten so if you are serious about losing weight then, make sure to avoid white bread as possible.

Candy Bars:

Candy bars are unhealthier than any other sweetened things. These packets always contain lots of sugar and refined flour and added oil into a small package. Candy bars are shallow in nutrients and very much high in calories.

There are around 200-300 calories have locked in one medium size of a candy bar. And the larger one will contain more. You can find this disastrous packets everywhere that you want. It is seriously the most unfortunate thing.

This packages of candy bars are mostly available in the front of the shops and children, and also older people get attracted by the colorful packets of these bars.

If you are very much craving a snack, eat a handful of nuts or a piece of any dry fruit or the normal one. Candy bars contain refined flour and oils they could be very much harmful to us.

Most Fruit Juices:

The packed fruit juices which are mostly available on the market are actually not like the regular or natural fruit juices.

These packed fruit juices highly contain and processed by sugar. They do not just provide sugar but also soda and high calories. So, avoid fruit juices to keep your body fit.

Bottom Line:

You can efficiently manage your health and can have a fit body by terminating your food ideas and turn off the bad habits of having unhygienic and foods which contains full of fats and calories.

This best breakfast for weight loss ideas will profoundly help you to succeed your weight loss goal.

Dr. Estee Williams is a board-certified medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatologist, as well as an assistant clinical professor in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She treats adult and pediatric patients and has a focus on the interplay between hormones and the skin.