Why You will Use Aloe Vera Gel for Oily Skin

We all have a different kind of skin and it differs from person to person. Oily skin is one of the most irritating and problematic types among them.

Skin variations come out from genetic issues, from the humidity of our living area, using various remedies for skin care, from our eating and dieting habit, various kinds of moisturizer, cream, and other products that we use on our skin.

These simply change our skin type and for that the policies of our skin change equally. The changing issues of skin mostly depend on genetic reason and food habit.

The most common skin types are Dry, Irritated Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, Sensitive, Ageing Skin etc. From all of these, oily skin is one of the worst types. It can cause many problems in our skin. It causes pimples, rash, irritation, dullness and many other problems.


Aloe Vera gel for oily skin

Aloe Vera speciality

Aloe Vera is a succulent herb which can be available all over the world, mostly grows in the tropical region and cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses.

It’s a short-stemmed plant about 60-100cm (24-39inch) long and wide in its offsets. The leaves of Aloe Vera surrounded the stems of the plant in a round way. The leaves are very attractive for its so evergreen color and fleshy thick structure.

The flowers are produced in summer in a tall spick of 90 cm (35 Inch). Flowers are pendulous with a yellow tubular corolla.

Aloe Vera contains 75 potentially active constituents: like saponins, enzymes, minerals, lignin, salicylic acids, amino acids, vitamins, and sugars etc.

The leaf of Aloe Vera contains three parts or portions where an inner clear gel exists nicely. It’s the most valued parts of Aloe Vera which contains 99% water and the rest is made of glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols, and vitamins etc.

The middle part of the leaf is a source of latex which is the bitter yellow sap with anthraquinones and glycosides. The outer thick part has 15–20 cells called as rind which has a protective function and synthesizes carbohydrates and proteins.

The most valuable part of the Aloe Vera is its leaf and the inner gel layer of the leaf. This gel has some excellent ingredients to keep your face fresher and moisture. So the best use of this gel can give you a superb result indeed.

Applying Preparations

Before using this gel you have to prepare in the right way. It makes your task more perfect and easier. Now let’s check the pre-procedure of the using method of Aloe Vera gel on the dry skin.

  1. First of all, clean your hand with a soap bar and make it dust free so that your gels don’t get contaminated.
  2. Gather the equipment for having pure gel from a green and matured leaf. Such as a clean sharp knife, a white sheet and a bowl of water.
  3. Select the desired plant or leaf. For having a matured leaf must choose an aged plant with a tall and flashy leaf.
  4. Select the most nearly grounded plant, lime green and best one but not so aged flashy tall leaf of the tree.
  5. Cut the selected leaf with much carefully but not so deeply from the culm of the tree.
  6. Wash it with the bowled water, be careful to escape from be contaminated otherwise the inner gel may come out.
  7. The washed leaf take on the white sheet so that it may not fractured.
  8. Take this knife and start cutting the outer layer, actually, drains out the resin of this leaf. Then cut the outer layer sliced, before cut it sliced, cut the leaf into medium pieces if it is so tall.
  9. After that, you get the white gel in the inner layer of the leaf. Take a spoon or cut it again slice within the inner depth of that gel. And after getting that need to preserve it for being pure and fresh.
  10. Take this gel to a pot or a small bowl, for the best result preserve it in the freezer for a time being and use it with very little pure honey.

How to Use Aloe Vera Gel for Oily Skin :

  • Clean your face perfectly with clean water twice.
  • Take this gel and if need the best result mixture with honey ¼ of this gel and blend it till being an excellent mixture.
  • Collect this mixture or just the gel and after blending, scrub it as musk. Leave it at least 20 min to dry up the mask for the best result. Then wash your face very clearly with normal water.
  • Use it twice in a day or at least once on a regular basis and see the result within few days.

Bottom Line

Oily skin causes many skin problem and irritations also. But it also has some positive sides too. It makes your face always moisture lock and wrinkle the prone and make seem younger your faces.

In the winter season, the people of oily skin get relief from the worst dryness and flakiness. We hope, using this great natural remedy, you must get the best result soon.

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